We are excited to be able to share an incredible offer on lifestyle DNA test kit and your personalized Lifestyle Blueprint! The comprehensive report will reveal your genetic potential around the most important factors that impact your expression of thriving health. These modifiable factors include Nutrition, Sleep, Environment, Performance, Supplements, Hormones and Detox.

For a limited time we are offering an opportunity to get your Blueprint report in combination with a comprehensive blood work AND a visit with Dr. Reznik to review the findings. Prior to the appointment you will be asked to fill out a detailed health questionnaire. During this 1.5-hour consultation we will go through the Blueprint created for you based on your current concerns, the findings from your genetic propensities in the areas listed above, and the results of the comprehensive blood test. Dr. Reznik will help you create a detailed initial roadmap for the next steps with specific recommendations in the areas of nutrition, lifestyle, personalized supplements and further test recommendations chosen based on your unique needs.

Are you ready to start optimizing your health?

Would you like to give a gift of health optimization to your loved one?

For more information about this and other programs, please schedule an appointment with our Client Liaison at office@drjuliareznik.com.