Our Mission is to guide and empower people to tap into their body’s innate limitless potential to heal itself.

We listen to and help people who are frustrated with the conventional medical model that treats ills with pills.

We work with clients who don’t feel well and yet are unable to find the causes of their symptoms after seeing multiple specialists and having numerous tests.

We guide our clients as they learn about their genetic propensities and help them leverage the new knowledge to optimize their health and wellness.

We empower people to break out of their poor habits and begin living a healthy lifestyle.

We see food, exercise, healthy relationships, stress reduction and clean environment as medicine.

We strive to help everyone to rediscover their inner strength, break free from the limitations of a “can’t do” attitude and embrace and find joy in lifestyle choices that in the past might have seemed unattainable.

We view our clients as part of our family.

We embrace each person’s challenges and rejoice in everyone’s victory.

Our team has a nutritionist who is also an experienced health coach, as well as a patient liaison.

Our practice is located in Sudbury, MA in a beautiful, quiet, rural setting, with easy access and easy parking.